New Music Video Titled “And She Like That

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So A little back ground infomation on how this song came about. This is my 9th beat I have ever created. I made this song maybe about a year ago and my process in the studio is figure out what the hook is going to be 1st before I write the verse. In my head once I got the bassline down, I was thinking and said to myself “she gon like this one fasho” speaking hypothetically to what ever girl might be listening , and that was my aahaa moment! Thats what the hook goes “And She Like That , And She Like That” once I got that down the verse just flew outa my mouth.

Then I wanted to shoot a video for it a couple weeks later. This is maybe my 8th or 9th video I ever shot. I have my own camera equiment and I had a close relative shoot it for me. The relative never edited the video so it was siting on my hard drive for about a year! So instead of scraping it all together I went ahead and attempted to edit the footage my self. For my 1st try I was pretty proud of my self! It a process fasho but if you sit down and learn how to do it yourself it could be a great resource for me down the line. So check out my latest video above and let me know what you think!

If you’d like to hear the more music from me , click here to listen to my most recent Album, ‘MeM.O.Ery Lane’.

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