New Freestyle “Nice For What”

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So the story on this freestyle was….I was watching survior with my wife… (I fucking love that show by the way!) and we both are on twitter to see whats trending and she tells me drake is trending number 1. So I already know he just drop some heat fasho! So I go on twitter and see his new song is titled nice for what. Immediately knew this was a female anthem fasho fasho, and he dropped a visual for it the same night with a bunch of beautiful and famous women in it! Marketing genius he gon have every girl in the world this summer saying “nice for what”! Im not gon lie I was upset. Why? ┬áBecause I started thinking its gon be alot of unworthy women that will be using the saying this summer!

Even though I am married and dont have to worry about being rejected any more, I made this song for the guys that have to deal with that this summer! So my verson of the song is more about you had ya chance and you blew it. Like I was intrested in you but you acted like I wasnt good enough now your just looked at like a piece of meat to men! 2:30 of truth for the women that will pass you up but will regret it in the long run!

If you enjoyed this freestyle you should fasho check out my latest album “MeM.O.Ery Lane”

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