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Seasoned California artist/producer YaBoiM.O.E. announces the release of his highly anticipated album ‘Mile in M.O.E Shoes.’ The 13-track project is appeased from beginning to end with jousting punchlines, vivid storytelling, thought-provoking lyricism, and even quirky hooks and skits.  The Oakland-based double threat continues to show and prove that his style, flow, and deliverance are unmatched, and is evident in this album.

YaBoiM.O.E’s humble beginnings are the core of his music –– an uplifting and self-reflective style of hip-hop that stands out in a genre driven by materialism and greed. Although he’s upgraded from his days with a makeshift microphone, the now 32-year-old still aims to empower others with songs that promote authenticity and self-love. “I try to make my music as real as possible,” he says. “I drive a Toyota Yaris, and I’m proud of my 9-5 job.” According to Shuaibe, he’s rapping for the middle class.

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