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YaBoiM.O.E’s humble beginnings are the core of his music –– an uplifting and self-reflective style of hip-hop that stands out in a genre driven by materialism and greed. Although he’s upgraded from his days with a makeshift microphone, the now 29-year-old still aims to empower others with songs that promote authenticity and self-love. “I try to make my music as real as possible,” he says. “I drive a Toyota Yaris, and I’m proud of my 9-5 job.” According to Shuaibe, he’s rapping for the middle class.

YABOIM.O.E, the best-budding rapper of all time, returned at midnight with the latest album, M.O.Etivated. The new EP sprawls across 6 tracks of hard-bitten hip-hop. YABOIM.O.E veers from low-spirit to self-motivation, dismissive to dependent, reminiscing greed to materialism, uncontrollably professional to the feel-good vibe, sometimes all within the same song. He raps over skeletal, golden-age beats and rhythmic drum strokes. Across it all, YABOIM.O.E remains intent on delivering captivating, high-energy performances which transport audiences into the bottomless barrel of blends musicianship, authenticity and self-love. The upbeat music and catchy lyrics never fail to bring the listener into a sing-along frenzy time and time again.  

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